INToo viral SaaS ERP and Supply Chain Blockchain Platform revolutionizes business transactions and collaboration. It is ready for your business.

eCommerceBooks is a Web viral SaaS ERP and supply chain with Blockchain & Machine Learning to provide unique sales accelerating features which include:

Managemnet and Blockchain Ledgers for Inventory, Sales & Purchase Orders, Shipping & Receiving, AR & AP Invoicing & Billing, Expense, Payment, Automatic Accounting, CRM, Job Dispatch, data entery automation across the modules & transactions and Machine Learning based Reports


INToo Blockchain platform enables businesses across many industry verticals to:

(1) Provide full data automation across transactions so there will be no need to re-enter the data except for the genesis transaction.

(2) Reduce the Initial capital, inventory cost and operation cost.

(3) Decrease transaction cost and increase profit margin.

(4) Provide trust, security and certificate of origin.

(5) Create extraordinary opportunities for businesses to come together to execute the transactions in new ways.

(6) Create New Value: Exploit new business models and eliminate inefficiencies.

(7) Optimize Ecosystems: streamline business processes and the exchange of value along your business vertical ecosystem.

(8) Reduce Risk: replace uncertainty with transparency and trusted decentralized ledgers.

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