to grow and take the hassle out of running your business.

is an all-in-one tool to ease operations and generate sales.

Whether you’re an international distributor or a small cafe, eCBK is here to make life easier for you. (Learn More)
eCBK provides unique business accelerating features which include: Management for Inventory, Global Catalogue & web communication, Sales & Purchase Orders, Shipping & Receiving shipping notes, AR Invoicing & AP Billing, Expense, Payment, Accounting, CRM, and data entry automation across the applications & transactions and Reports. (Learn More)
eCBK offers a unique Active CRM component through the Global Catalogue and web communication that help you to grow the business through new sales pipelines leading to new customers and better purchase prices. (Learn More)

What makes us different:

  • Active CRM to accelerate sales:

    eCBK doesn't just manage clients (Passive CRM) only, but find new ones through Global Catalogue notifications and messaging. (Learn More)
  • Efficiency and data accuracy:

    eCBK is putting all applications in one web bundle, so you can ditch a bunch of confusing disconnected products. (Learn More)
  • Active on-time communication:

    eCBK is unique in offering web communications via login profiles of your business partners (customers, suppliers, and branches) that you issue and manage, so no need for emails, faxes to communicate with your customers and suppliers:
    1. Customers can send electronically their sales orders that you can consolidate in one click saving you time and increase accuracy in creating correct purchase orders with minimum inventory.
    2. Suppliers receive the purchase orders electronically and based on a workflow of approvals.
    3. Improve traceability and audibility of communication
    (Learn More)
  • Data Automation:

    1. High level of data automation due to the inherent linkage between the business applications inside eCBK.
    2. AR and AP invoices are generated from sales and purchase orders or packing/receiving shipping slips in one click.
    3. In one click, you can consolidate many sales orders to generate the fulfillment purchase orders..
    4. New inventory items data that are coming through purchase orders will be transferred once you confirm the order and the quantityupon confirming the delivery of the goods listed in the Receiving Notes.
    (Learn More)
  • eCBK
    • overcomes the existing limitations of software technology in terms of privacy (no cookies, encryption), confidentiality, audibility, performance and scalability.
    • lowers the overall cost of your operations through less overhead

Who uses our solution

eCBK is a shared journal backed by an immutable inter-related ledgers for recording the history of all business transactions. Within eCBK data chain of the transactions cover CRM issues, inventory items, sales/purchase orders, shipping & receiving, AR & AP invoices, payment, and accounting. eCBK equips all subscribed businesses with their own permissioned journal of records for inter-related ledgers and their associated contents (e.g. signed contracts) tagged with relevant meta-data.

eCBK is an all-in-one ERP and Supply Chain tool backed up by a novel software framework which includes a Networked Software as a Service (N-SaaS). eCBK encompasses business applications, Collaborative Document Communications (CDC), Active CRM Actions (ACA) and workflows. These applications are integrated fully and governed by multi-dimensional workflows to increase work automation with machine-validation to reduce user data entries.

What type of businesses can use eCBK?

Business Type Retail Export Import Distribution Services
Inventory Management
Order Management
Shipping Management
Invoice Management
Expense Management
Job Dispatch (Beta)
Account Management

What makes us different

Through your subscription you can access the rich functionality of eCBK ERP+ and supply chain immediately after finishing your subscription which should take no more than four minutes.

eCBK ERP+ is fully browser based consequently you can access your data (similarly your customers and suppliers) from any simple computer with modern internet browser.

eCBK ERP+ includes the following set of web applications:

(01) Inventory Management with Community Catalog.

(02) POS System.

(03) Sales and Purchase Order Management with Order Consolidation.

(04) Shipping Management.

(05) Invoice Management.

(06) CRM and Issue Management.

(07) Job Dispatch.

(08) Expense Management.

(09) Financials / Accounting.

(10) Certificate of Origin.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

  • Item Category Management.
  • Inventory Item List with Search Filter.
  • Easily Add/Update New Detailed Products and Categories.
  • Bill of Material (BOM).
  • Item Quantity History.

eCBK ERP+ fits your business and reduces your business costs

whether your business is wholesale distribution, retail sales, maintenance and services, IT services or a simple coffee shop, eCBK ERP+ has more than enough functionality to help you manage your business effectively and with less operational cost and less startup capital to launch a new business.

eCBK ERP+ reduces the inventory cost

through purchase/sales order consolidation and “purchase what you just sold” features. These features can be executed through clicks and pressing a button on one page.

eCBK ERP+ eliminates data duplication and re-entry

Example: once a sales order is created/received and based on the payment terms, you can generate the necessary detailed sales invoice via a press of one button and at the same time, a purchase bill will be sent automatically to your client.

Advanced features

eCBK ERP+ helps you to manage the full cycle of job dispatch, from: job creation, assigning (of your or your subcontractor engineers, materials, schedules and locations), changing status, closing and invoicing. There are many useful reports that you can generate to review your engineers’ utilization (revenue and billable hours) and queues.

eCBK ERP+ has a simple accounting application which comes with default settings for a set of 40 accounts that cover most of your business activities and financial reporting. You do not need to enter any invoice/bill, since all the invoices/bills generated automatically based on a workflow. Each time you add a new customer, supplier, or new inventory item, the relevant new AR and AP accounts will be created automatically. All that is left for you to do is press one button for posting. eCBK ERP+ offers multi-party collaborative ERP system in addition to its extended ERP functionality. The eCBK document collaboration feature is based on:

(1) Issuing login profile: Once you add a record for a partner (client or supplier) to your eCBK account, the system allows you to issue a login profile for this new partner. Through this profile, users on the client’s side can login to eCBK to issue purchase orders (plus other business activities) that you will receive as sales orders; your suppliers will use the profile to login and receive sales orders for the purchase orders that you issued to them.

(2) Business document communications between your company and partners (HQ, branches, customers and suppliers). With this feature, documents (orders, invoices, issues and jobs) propagate automatically to your partners (customers, suppliers and branches), based on the built-in workflows. As a result, you do not need to email or fax the sales or purchase orders to your clients or suppliers respectively.

Administration: You can manage your own company’s user profiles and their access to the applications. You can also manage your partners’ profiles (addresses, currency, tax profile, contacts) who are within your subscription as long as they don't have their own independent subscription.

Smart Views: All eCBK ERP+ management screens are equipped with smart views that consist of advanced search filter, drill-down lists with color status indicator, document full content view or editor to minimize your navigation efforts.

In Place Editing: All eCBK ERP+ editors are one page editors, equipped with all the necessary “call-buttons” to pop-up the required dialog to enable you to add, edit, view or select items to complete your editing work. All calculations are done automatically.

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INToo blockchain architecture

Our Software Blockchain Architecture Framework

INToo’s intrinsically integrated software applications constitute a consortium of working business data domains. The Blockchain data processing and decisions are largely governed by our business-oriented Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning), and are hence fully automated and remain inclusively private. These novel software applications with Blockchain and Machine Learning capability are based on our patentable Automated Business Transaction Management Base (ABTMB) software technology which renders the implementation of blockchain-based software solutions fast and reliable.

The Extended Ricardian Contract - Implementation Approach

The implementation of our extended Ricardian contract is part of a private blockchain which includes a permissioned journal which includes multi inter-related ledgers.


INToo Blockchain inter-related Ledgers


INToo Blockchain platform enables businesses across many industry verticals to:

  • Automate data entry across transactions so there will be no need to re-enter the data except for the genesis transaction
  • Reduce the Initial capital, inventory cost and operation cost.
  • Decrease transaction cost and increase profit margin.
  • Provide certificate of origin.
  • Create extraordinary opportunities for businesses to come together to execute transactions with trust and security.
  • Create new Value: by exploiting new business models and eliminating inefficiencies.
  • Optimize Ecosystems: streamline business processes and the exchange of value along your business vertical ecosystem.
  • Reduce Risk by replacing uncertainty with transparency and trusted decentralized ledgers.

INToo Viral SaaS Platform

What makes our solution a viral SaaS is the built-in default ability to communicate and integrate between the subscribed businesses without the need for any programming or particular tool on top of the internet connection. Consequently each business can establish its own trading-community.

There is a choice of setting up a ‘closed’ or ‘open’ community from the configuration module. If you select ‘open’ community then you will be part of the global trading community and your products will be part of the global directory.

This open community feature empowers subscribed businesses to communicate and integrate with their business partners (clients, suppliers, branches) using clear & easily identified structured business data, instead of unstructured communications using email and attachments.

The open community feature allows business data to flow automatically among modules and all parties involved in a transaction, also providing reports on business activities effortlessly.