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Business Users
  MyCommerceBooks web business software
  bundle helps you in ...
  running your business with less cost and
  providing better customer satisfaction
   ... It's free with no time limits for standard
... Be wise and subscribe to start enjoying the saving benefits ...
      You can access the rich functionality of eCB immediately after finishing your free subscription.
ISP & Hosting Businesses
  With The Branded MyCommerceBooks web
  SaaS version, the business application bundle
  helps ISP and hosting companies to
  promote & widen their business offerings
  and increase revenue at
  fractional cost of the annual marketing budget.
Software Developers
  You can purchase posrtions of
  MyCommerceBooks c# and Java scripts codes
  with or without database tables and
  supporting stored procedures
  ... the aspx files are free for standard version
  With eCB code bank you will be able to
  reduce development time and cost ...
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